Brinkmann GmbH + Co. KG / Lammstraße 4 / 30161 Hannover / Tel.: 0511 / 31 95 95
Our Company
Brinkmann stands for the finest surface finishing.
Our specialty is high-quality chrome plating for the restoration of classic cars and other vehicles.
Are you the proud owner of a classic car? Perhaps your old friend has lost a bit of its shine and is starting to show its age. Then put yourself-and your car-in our hands. We can help your collector's items regain their glory.

Brinkmann has been working with metal and other surfaces since 1902 and has specialized in chrome plating for classic cars for more than 25 years. We combine tradition and the latest technical processes to offer our customers the best possible results.

Our specialists are trained exclusively in house, have many years of experience and know how to appreciate even the smallest detail. This is vital when we work with unique works of automotive art.

Our reliable work and excellent reputation mean that we work in conjunction with restoration firms which, like us, stand for top quality on the classic car scene.