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We believe in using the latest techniques and in well thought-out working procedures.
This is how your car parts with regain their original lustrous beauty: our process begins with the chemical removal of paint or varnish from the piece to be restored, followed by an electrolytic process to remove electroplating. Then rust is stripped away and the surface cleaned. The next step-sanding-requires specialists with experience and skill.

This step will also correct any surface flaws or warping. The next step is the formation of a middle layer in a bath of cyanide copper. This makes it possible to plate the components with acidic copper. Now the components will be polished and again plated with copper: this creates a glistening surface.

These steps are repeated until the surface is perfect. Then the copper layer is polished to a shine. Finally, we add a layer of nickel and a layer of chrome. The result of this finely tuned finishing process is a gleaming, perfectly protected surface.