Brinkmann GmbH + Co. KG / Lammstraße 4 / 30161 Hannover / Tel.: 0511 / 31 95 95
We guarantee outstanding quality through specialization and experience.
Our many years of experience and specialized knowledge mean that we can work with even the rarest materials in a painstakingly careful manner. This is an indispensible requirement in preventing damage to components which may be fragile. Our team can find the right treatment even to restore car parts which may have been scratched or have taken on an uneven surface as a result of past treatments.

Every single component is chrome plated exclusively in house by our own specialists.

No one knows your collector's piece as well as you do, which is why we are always happy to hear your special requests or ideas about detailing work.

We can electroplate components made of steel, brass, copper, die-cast zinc, aluminum, bronze and silver. We can coat surfaces in chrome, nickel, cyanide copper, acidic copper, silver and gold. We can remove paint and varnish, old electroplating and rust. We work with glass bead blasting, sanding and polishing.